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Rpow Consulting completes CSP training funded by World Bank

Funded by the World Bank and under the framework of China Renewable Energy Scale-up Program (CRESP), EPPEI held an international CSP technology training course in Beijing from March to June 2019. The World Bank invited three international CSP experts including Miroslav Dolejsi, Germany, Jose Mesa-Díaz and Andrés Barros Borrero , to give trainings about CSP design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance and standards. Sun Rui, member of the Party Committee and vice president of EPPEI, attended the training courses. The training course lasts for four consecutive periods and each period is two weeks.

The international experts invited by this training have participated in the development and related work of many internationally renowned CSP projects. They are very familiar with the system design, commissioning and operation of various types of CSP projects. They have rich experience in CSP field. In the course of training, the three international experts shared their experience in the field of CSP, and analyzed the process system of trough and tower CSP. The pre-project preparation, system design, equipment selection, construction commissioning, operation and maintenance and other aspects have been extensively and meticulously explained, and the questions raised by the trainees have been patiently and meticulously answered.

This training has expanded the international vision of the trainees, improved the knowledge level of the trainees, and laid the foundation for the continuous exchange and cooperation between EPPEI and the international CSP experts. It also provides strong technical support for the subsequent CSP consulting work. The World Bank also highly praised the results and organization of this training.

The technicians of EPPEI and related design institutes attended the training course.

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